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We offer best DBA Training in Chennai with placement in MNC’s. Our trainers are most experienced trainers since they are all working professionals in IT sectors having real time work experience. We are the leading IT/software courses training institute in Chennai, adyar. DBA is the one of leading technology in MNC.


We are offers one of the industry best SQL DBA Training in Chennai with best real time trainers. Our trainers are working in SQL DBA and related advancements for many years in top level companies. We mindful of what industry needs & our institute offer SQL DBA course in Chennai in more pragmatic ways. To our institute SQL DBA coaches offers Sql DBA in Classroom session training, SQL DBA administrations for Corporate Training & we also offer SQL DBA Online Training. Start your new career with our training institute and to learn most newest technologies to our industry expert trainers. We help to your jobs, we arranged placements between training sessions.

Best SQL Database training institutes in Chennai, gives constant and position arranged SQL DBA preparing in Chennai. Our institute gives Best SQL DBA Course Chennai. SQL Database administrator instructional class substance planned essential to cutting edge levels. We have a group of Database administrator specialists who are working experts with hands on continuous SQL DBA ventures learning, which will give understudies an edge over other DBA Coaching Chennai. This instructional class substance is intended to get the position in major MNC organizations in Chennai when you finish the instructional class.

What is SQL DBA?It is simply said it as, A database chairman (short shape DBA) is a man in charge of the establishment, setup, overhaul, organization, checking and upkeep of databases in an association. The part incorporates the improvement and outline of database techniques, framework observing and enhancing database execution and limit, and getting ready for future development prerequisites. They might likewise arrange, coordinate and actualize efforts to establish safety to shield the database.We are the best DBA Coaching Chennai and provided Practical Classes rather than theoretical classes.

Best SQL DBA training in Chennai concentrate on the needs of the SQL DBA training and placement. We offer Online DBA courses for working experts and fresher. we offer all SQL DBA instructional classes as understudies alternative. Our institutes is one of the best SQL DBA training in Chennai where we provided free SQL DBA preparing materials of delicate duplicate and printed version.Get SQL DBA tutorial through our website which make it as to know detail information in SQL Server DBA.We will provide SQL DBA interview questions for each and every student at the end of the class and separate timing allocated for this session.


Our Institute offers SQL DBA Training in Chennai furthermore Online. Where Students will be prepared by Industrial Experts having applicable extensive involvement in Database and Server Management. Live tasks, Examples, Test cases, Study materials and Experience of Trainer increases the value of the course. We offers adaptability in SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai course substance and Timings.SQL DBA training and placement training are provided by expert trainers.What is SQL Server DBA? This will came to know while you get training in our institute.SQL DBA Training In Chennai ,Our institute give consistent preparing classes,Morning Batches,Evening Batches, weekend instructional courses, and quick track instructional courses for SQL DBA .Our Institute gives SQL DBA online training and Corporate instructional courses for SQL Server DBA .

  • World class training provided by industry experts
  • Feasible Cost
  • Real time training
  • Unlimited Lab Usage
  • Limited batch Size
  • Job oriented training
  • 100% job placement


This SQL Server DBA course in Chennai is proposed for any individual why should willing turn into a SQL Server DBA and begin another vocation in this field. No foundation is obliged to enter the course, albeit some specialized introduction can be leverage.Competitor ought to have Technical Education Background.Learn SQL DBA online training in our institute from anywhere.Online training is very useful for the people to store the videos and it can be used in future.

The fact of the matter is that a noteworthy extent of SQL Server DBA begin in an option teach, that is to say they are Accidental DBA's. For instance, a Windows Server Administrator might likewise be tasked with taking care of the organizations SQL Server base, maybe as the aftereffect of a DBA having left the organization or through broadly educating open doors inside of the association. These people gain the vital experience at work inside of their current part keeping in mind the end goal to make the move to a Junior DBA position.SQL DBA tutorial gave an idea for the people to gain some knowledge in SQL Database. Most of the people looking for SQL DBA jobs in Chennai and our institute is the right place to get training.There are numerous of SQL DBA openings in Chennai.

On the off chance that you are genuinely keen on either beginning on the way to turning into a SQL Server Database Administrator or maybe wish to make a sidelong move from an option IT train, this disclosure can be very dampening. You may feel that it is to some degree an impossible to win situation, as at this time you have restricted experience working with SQL Server, henceforth why you are considering junior open doors in any case.Get the Benefit from the SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai after get training in our institute.Students get SQL DBA jobs in Chennai and around India after completion of training course.

    How to be a Database Administrator
  • The significance of Laying a Strong Foundation
  • Why Gaining Experience is the Key to beginning
  • Books for the Aspiring DBA
  • Composing a Winning CV
  • Instructions to Get Organized to Get Ahead


Constant Practical SQL Server DBA Online Training Chennai intended to work with all major SQL Database Administration exercises including DB Design, Normalization Rules, Stored Procedures, Indexes, Joins, DB Maintenance, Query Tuning, HA/DR, AAG and SQL Cluster Issues. Study Material, 24x7 Online Lab, Certification and Job Support with one Real time Project included in the course. Learn at SQL Database training institutes in chennai and make your career bright in future. Our institute is the right place for the person to get SQL DBA training and placement.Learn how to be a Database Administrator during training period itself from our expert trainers.

Complete down to earth and Interactive Online DBA Courses Training classes and SQL DBA Certification training are provided.Course incorporates Capacity Planning of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 Database Design, Query Tuning,Clustering Management, Always-on Availability Groups (AAG), Troubleshooting, Replication Management, High Availability, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Data Migrations, and Tuning Operations.We are the leading SQL DBA training in chennai with placement support.We are the best SQL Server DBA training in Chennai with affordable price.


An immaculate SQL Server DBA Online Training chennai course solely planned tending to all major SQL Server Database Administration (SQL DBA) exercises. Job Orientation with Certification & Interview direction are furnished with 24x7 Live Server Lab and One Real time Project.Participants are required to have basic knowledge of computers. Although it is not necessary, having knowledge of any programming language will be added advantage.We are the NO.1 SQL Database training institutes in chennai. Many of the people didn’t know what is SQL DBA?At this situation, people joined in one of the best training institute in chennai and gain more knowledge in DBA.

The normal training necessity for DBA’s is a four year certification in software engineering, PC data frameworks, or a comparable PC related control. Some passage level DBA positions may call for just a two-year authentication program in database organization, while more propelled positions can oblige a graduate degree spend significant time in database administration. We offered SQL Server DBA training in chennai with excellent infrastructure.We have experienced trainers in our institute and our main goal is to satisfies the student needs.SQL DBA Certification is added advantage for the people to get job in IT industry.


The essential target of this SQL DBA training in Chennai preparing is to give every understudy the learning and mysteries to be effective as a honing SQL Server DBA. The understudy will pick up trust in their SQL DBA Course Chennai and take in the traps and traps of the SQL Server DBA exam.There are large number of SQL DBA openings in Chennai at right now.

Utilizing a demonstrated preparing blend of extraordinary guideline and practicum the understudy ought to have a firm comprehension of SQL Server Database Administration.What is SQL Server DBA and job description? This information you will learn at the start of class itself.The understudy will effectively introduce and design a working SQL Server database, make tablespaces and documents, oversee security and client get to, and make tables and compose SQL Server questions.We will provide SQL DBA interview Questions at the end of each and every sessions.

    The History of SQL Server and social databases
  • Social database history
  • The advancement of SQL Server
  • SQL Server and ANSI measures
    Introducing and arranging SQL Server
  • Pre-establishment steps
  • Introducing SQL Server
  • Arranging the run-time SQL Server framework
  • Fixing SQL Server - Service packs
    SQL Server information stockpiling administration
  • SQL Server document administration building design
  • Making database documents
  • Making SQL Server log documents
  • Utilizing SQL Server document bunches
    Overseeing information with the DTS utility
  • Utilizing DTS to fare and import SQL Server table information
    SQL Server Security administration
  • Windows security administration for the server
  • Windows validation mode
  • SQL Server rights and part administration
    SQL Server Backup & Recovery
  • Diagram of SQL Server reinforcement & recuperation
  • Incremental reinforcements
  • Restoring a SQL Server database
  • Standby database diagram
  • Shipping SQL Server log records to standby databases
    SQL Server database Replication
  • Microsoft replication architectures
  • Making a replication topology
  • Designing SQL Server replication

DBA is also abbreviated as DATABASE ADMINSTRATION. A DBA guides all activity related to maintain a very successful DB environments. Responsible for implementing, designing & maintaining the DB systems, building policies & steps pertaining for security, managements, maintenance & use of the DBMS & training clients in DBM & use it. A DBA is expected to stay equal of emerging technology & new designs approach. Typically, a Data Base Admin has either a Computer Science degree & some real time training with a specific DB products or more broad experience with a wide range of DB product. A Data Base Admin is generally expected to have practice with more of the important DBM product, such as SQL, SAP & Oracle database management software's.

Scope of DBA:
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA is an operations person.
  • DBA Training in Chennai Responsible for maintenance.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA job is long term.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA is like the supervisor of a building.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA protects data.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA being too picky.
Pre-requisites needs:
  • DBA Training in Chennai Basic SQL Quires knowledge.
  • DBA Training in Chennai English knowledge.
Highlights in our training:
  • DBA Training in Chennai We are providing class with highly qualified trainer.
  • DBA Training in Chennai Very in depth course material with real time scenarios.
  • DBA Training in Chennai In training case studies and real time scenarios covered.
  • DBA Training in Chennai We will provide class and demo session at student flexible timings.
  • DBA Training in Chennai We are providing normal track,weekend,fast track classes.
  • DBA Training in Chennai Each topic coverage with real time solutions.
  • DBA Training in Chennai We are providing certification oriented trainings with 100% pass guarantee.
  • DBA Training in Chennai We will give every recorded session for play later.
Course Syallabus:
DBA Training in ChennaiIntroduction
  • DBA Training in ChennaiOracle Enterprise Manager 10g Product Controls.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Architecture Review.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiGrid Computing.
DBA Training in ChennaiConfiguring Recovery Manager
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing a Flash Recovery Area with RMAN.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRecovery Manager Features and Components.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiControl File Autobackups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiConfiguring RMAN.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Recovery Manager to connect to a target database in default NOCATALOG mode.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRetention Policies and Channel Allocation.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAltering the backup retention policy for a database.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDisplaying the current RMAN configuration settings.
DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Recovery Manager
  • DBA Training in ChennaiParallelization of Backup Sets.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRMAN Command Overview.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiImage Copy.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCompressed Backups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiLIST and REPORT commands.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiWhole Database and Incremental Backups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUse Recovery Manager.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiEnable ARCHIVELOG mode for the database.
DBA Training in ChennaiOracle Secure Backup
  • DBA Training in ChennaiImplement the Oracle suggested strategy.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiInstallation and Configuration.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase and File-system files backup/restore to tape.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRMAN and Oracle Secure Backup.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiConfiguring EM for Oracle Secure Backup and test backup to tape.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing obtool and web interface to configure Oracle Secure Backup devices.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing the OB Web tool to backup file system files.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing RMAN to backup your database to tape.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase and File-system files backup/restore to tape.
DBA Training in ChennaiRecovering from Non-critical Losses
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating New Temporary Tablespace.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRecovery of Non-Critical Files.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRead-Only Tablespace Recovery.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRecreating Redo Log Files, Index Tablespaces, and Indexes.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiLoss of Password Authentication File.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAuthentication Methods for Database Administrators.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAltering the default temporary tablespace for a database.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a new temporary tablespace.
DBA Training in ChennaiIncomplete Recovery
  • DBA Training in ChennaiServer and User Managed Recovery commands.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRecovery Steps.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a New Control File.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRecovering a Control File Autobackup.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiIncomplete Recovery Best Practices.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiIncomplete Recovery Overview.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPoint-in-time recovery using RMAN.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSimplified Recovery Through RESETLOGS.
DBA Training in ChennaiFlashback
  • DBA Training in ChennaiConfiguring and Monitoring Flashback Database.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiFlashback Database Architecture.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing V$FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiBacking Up the Flash Recovery Area.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing the Flashback Database RMAN interface
  • DBA Training in ChennaiFlashback Database Considerations.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiManaging and monitoring Flashback Database operations.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Flashback Database EM Interface.
DBA Training in ChennaiDealing with Database Corruption
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDBVERIFY Utility and the ANALYZE command.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiBlock Corruption Symptoms: ORA-1578.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSegment Metadata Dump and Verification.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiInitialization parameter DB_BLOCK_CHECKING.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiBlock Media Recovery.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Flashback for Logical Corruption and using DBMS_REPAIR.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDumping and Verifying Segment Metadata.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRMAN BMR Interface.
DBA Training in ChennaiMonitoring and Managing Memory
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAutomatic Shared Memory Management.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiOracle Memory Structures.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Control and Automatic Shared Memory Management.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSGA Tuning Principles.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiResizing SGA_TARGET.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiBehavior of Auto-Tuned and Manual SGA Parameters.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing the Memory Advisor.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPGA Management Resources.
DBA Training in ChennaiAutomatic Performance Management
  • DBA Training in ChennaiOracle Wait Events and System Statistics.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiIdentifying Tunable Components.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDirect Attach to SGA for Statistic Collection.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiTroubleshooting and Tuning Views.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAdvisory Framework.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiWorkload Repository
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing the SQL Tuning and SQL Access Advisor.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiADDM Scenarios and Usage Tips.
DBA Training in ChennaiMonitoring and Managing Storage I
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSpace Management Overview.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Storage Structures.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRow Chaining and Migrating.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiOracle-Managed Files.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiManaging Resumable Space Allocation.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiProactive Tablespace Monitoring.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiMonitoring table and index space usage.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSYSAUX Tablespace.
DBA Training in ChennaiMonitoring and Managing Storage II
  • DBA Training in ChennaiConfiguring and Monitoring Flashback Database.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiRedo Log Files.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAutomatic Undo Management.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPartitioned Tables.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiTable Types.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiManaging index space with SQL.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiIndex-Organized Tables.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiView "Automatic Tuning of Undo Retention".
  • DBA Training in ChennaiConfigure optimal redo log file size.
DBA Training in ChennaiAutomatic Storage Management
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDynamic Performance View Additions.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiASM General Architecture and Functionalities.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiASM Disk Groups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiManaging an ASM Instance.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiMigrating Your Database to ASM Storage.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing asmcmd Command Line.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiMigrating a tablespace to use ASM storage.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating an ASM instance in a separate Oracle Home.
DBA Training in ChennaiVLDB Support
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPackages and data dictionary changes to support VLDB.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating Bigfile Tablespaces.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPartitioning and Partitioned Indexes.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating and maintaining temporary tablespace groups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating and using hash-partitioned global indexes
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSkipping unusable indexes.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiInterpreting Bigfile ROWIDs.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDML Error Logging.
DBA Training in ChennaiManaging Resources
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a New Resource Plan.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Resource Manager Concepts and Configuration.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiMaximum Estimated Execution Time.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiActive Session Pool Mechanism.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiAdministering and Monitoring. Resource Manager.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a Complex Plan.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating Resource Consumer Groups.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiResource Plan Directives.
DBA Training in ChennaiAutomating Tasks with the Scheduler
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a Job Class and a Window.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScheduler Concepts.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiViewing and Purging Job Logs.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiManaging Jobs, Programs, Chains, Events, Schedules, priority.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a job that uses a program and a schedule.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a program and a schedule.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiMonitoring job runs.
DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Security
  • DBA Training in ChennaiCreating a Column-Level Policy.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiVirtual Private Database: Overview
  • DBA Training in ChennaiPolicy Types.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiWriting a Policy Function.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiTransparent Data Encryption.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiColumn level VPD with column masking.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiImplement VPD.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSetting the listener password.
DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Globalization Support
  • DBA Training in ChennaiEncoding Schemes.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiGlobalization Support Features.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiSpecifying Language-Dependent Behavior.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDatabase Character Sets and National Character Sets.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiUsing Linguistic Comparison and Sorting.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiLocale Variants.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiDetermining the Default NLS Settings.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiData Conversion Between Client and Server Character Sets.
DBA Training in ChennaiWorkshop
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 1: Finding and Tuning Inefficient SQL.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 2: Database performance.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 3: Running out of Undo Space.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 4: SGA Management – REDO.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 5: Missing TEMP data fil.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 6: Managing space in a tablespace – REDO.
  • DBA Training in ChennaiScenario 7: Missing datafile.
DBA Administration.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA Administration.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA Development.
  • DBA Training in Chennai DBA Business Intelligence.
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