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Hadoop Training in Chennai – Your business small or big, now don’t invest in big data technology they are becoming risk as marketing because more data are data driven. They invest in hadoop big data is outperform in revenue and productivity. The most advent of internet thing is going to be data transmitted and  collection than before. Even more small business will invest in the way where the store, process and collect in order to understand more product and customers.

But you know where to start? If you’re investing in infrastructure  big data does not need to be overwhelming propositional. Here are the few things you need to know leap from antiquated database and big data platform.             

Hadoop is java- based programming language framework which support the large data sets.It’s a part of Apache project founded by apache foundation.Apache makes it possible to run the application on system with thousand of nodes. Though the open source technology, enterprise can be built for the business make easy to get off.

When i was building out framework is the one of the real time engines in advertising. I look more in new free versions like MapR. MapR performed in the more low risk but the cost is thousand dollars. The real time world can understand all the problems and they are trying to solve all the problems to ensure your platform big data.

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