Testing Banking and Financial Applications: Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices


Banking  & Financial Services organizations has been a trailblazer in scaling up and adapting to the progressions as and when they happen in the IT world. It is, along these lines, nothing unexpected that Digital Transformation has been demonstrated by the forthcoming patterns and computerized activities such as Omni Channel Banking, P2P exchanges, Mobile Wallets,Ping Pay, and so forth to be is the eventual fate of BFSI organization. According to the Juniper Research, by 2017, moreover 1B portable endorsers for 15% of the worldwide versatile supporters that will be utilizing mobile banking.

The Banking area is packed with always showing signs of cutting edge and changing in technology, with mind boggling functionalities entwined into the apps. Being at the focal point of any business action, it has a gigantic utilitarian system spread crosswise over Payment Gateways and Cards, Specialized administration offerings, Delivery Channels, for example, Centralized Banking,  Corporate Banking, and so on.

Smooth and Secure support for the transactions, ease of accessing, and performance in the vital for the any banking apps to succeed.

Trends and Challenges in Banking Sector – Software Testing Training in Chennai

Performance Failures – Execution disappointments in managing an account entryways can seriously affect day by day life. Meeting the required execution levels includes mulling over the base, availability, and mix with the backend

Compliance, Regulatory and Web Security – Managing an account entrances more often than not are real focuses for hacking and false exercises and in this way infiltration testing represents a noteworthy test

Omni-channel Banking – With practically everybody getting snared to the idea of whenever, anyplace saving money, budgetary houses are attempting to dispatch advanced just banks

Some other IT inclines as of now demonstrating their effect and nearness in the field of money are TCOE (Testing Center Of Excellence), huge information investigation, virtualization and cloud. Despite the fact that these are not extremely stash amicable advancements to be kept up, they are digging in for the long haul and will keep on growing.

Additionally, some of other commonly faced the challenges in the testing Internet Banking such as:

  • Usage paths
  • Usability testing
  • Performance and Security testing
  • Variety in browsers and internet connections

And then specific challenges in the Testing Mobile Banking Applications

  • Security Testing
  • Time to Market
  • Broad range of devices
  • Configuration and design vulnerabilities

Best Practices

A some best practices will assist manage aforesaid challenges in the testing banking apps are:

  • Clearly defined the end–to–end software testing methodology
  • Testing the apps for security, performance, and functionality
  • Performing overall Software testing that encompasses the workflows and requirements
  • Additional testing application for integrity of Data, UX, and UI, and support for the multiple concurrent users

Attempting to execute the aforementioned hones require vast speculations both as far as efforts and expenses , and a trusted accomplice can assist banks spare a great deal of cash and time notwithstanding guaranteeing business coherence and insurance.

The group at Software Testing Training in Chennai spends significant time in giving testing answers for the managing an account and monetary administrations part. Register for an instructive and provocative online class to figure out the how you can profit by the most recent test procedures that are being laid out to help you succeed in the computerized age to give world class experience to Mobile Banking clients.


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