About The Android Training


The Android Development Training is fundamentally framed for software engineers who need to figure out how to make apps in Android. You will make gadgets, Customize Grid view, List view, Spinners and so forth, make apps utilizing video, audio and sqlite database lastly distribute on Google Play.

Course Objectives of Android Training in Chennai

After the Completion of  Android Development training you should able to understand:

  1. Basics of Android Development tools like  Android Studio, Listeners, DDMS, Drawables,and so on.
  2. How to build apps using the SQLite database.
  3. How to publish  the your App on Google Play.
  4. How to utilize the various Widgets and Layouts in Android Applications.
  5. How to build an interactive apps in the android with various activities contains video, audio, and notifications.

Who should do for this Certification?

All those professionals and students who are the keen to build amazing Applications in Android should do for this Certification.


Any individual who needs to learn Android ought to have a Core Java information alongside a diagnostic mix of brain and logic thinking. We likewise give a complimentary course “Java is an Object Oriented Programming Concepts” to every one of the members who select for the Android Development course. This course helps you catch up on your Java aptitudes and clear your ideas in Java.

Project Work

Project 1: Trakt Movie Application

Description: Build a motion picture application utilizing Trakt API. The application indicates rundown of main 50 Trending motion pictures on Dashboard screen. It demonstrates the film picture and motion picture name in every rundown thing. At the point when client taps on a specific rundown thing he will be appeared with motion picture subtle elements.

Project 2: Weather App

Description: Build the Weather Application, will be demonstrate the present climate to User. Apps will show Present Temperature, Hourly climate redesigns and Humidity. Android Training in Chennai will be utilizing OkHttp customer to stack the information from the system. The apps will utilize the forecast.io API to bring current climate upgrades. We would be utilizing Google GSON to outline the Java POJO Classes.

Why Learn Android Development?

Android is quick getting to be one of the greatest Platform for developers today. There is an immense interest for gifted Android Developers everywhere throughout the world. Most organizations over numerous areas are building Android Apps both for big business and retail items. Whether you are understudy or in the IT business, having Android Development aptitudes will assist you take the following enormous jump in your career.

Who are the instructors?

Every one of our educators are working experts from the Industry and have no less than 7+ yrs of significant experience in different spaces. They are topic specialists and are prepared by Android Training in Chennai for giving web preparing with the goal that members get an awesome learning knowledge.

Android Training in Chennai Certification Process:

Toward end of the your android course, you will take a shot at an android app. You will get particulars project which will assist you to make an android application. When you are effectively through the task, you will be granted an authentication with an execution based evaluating. In the event that your venture is not affirmed in first endeavor, you can take additional help for any of your questions to comprehend the reattempt and ideas better the Project free of expense.



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