60 Day Sprint In Big Data Naked Marketing


In the naked marketing, there is a transaction from zero to big marketing data that happened in 60 days. This is exactly the fast and fun part which changed everything and become a successful marketing. Informatica Training in Chennai provides the best concepts for Big data naked marketing.

Big Data Marketing sprint for Data lake

In the starting line, we actually look upon our goals, so that actual revenue of the business will be delivered.

The four important things that has been done in the 60 days

  • Connected to the silos which helps in integrating the data from the marketing app
  • Neatly linked data have to be submitted from the apps to data lake so that it can be divided and insert in the program to develop queries
  • Visualization tool has to be stick on to the front therefore new reports and dashboards can be created.
  • New capability has to be introduced to the colleagues therefore new innovating ideas can be created and they can impart in their work

The big data marketing lake is one of the informatica basics that will be explained in informatica training.

In the first two weeks, they mainly focussed on creating linkages using Application Program interfaces(API) mainly for marketing core applications

For the 60 Day sprint, 5 data linkages API’s has been concentrated. They are

  1. Adobe Marketo and Analytics
  2. Adobe Demandbase Analytics
  3. Rio SEO and Adobe Analytics
  4. Lattice Engines and Marketo
  5. Salesforce and Marketo

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Adobe Marketo and Analytics

This is one of the most important data link for the big data lake that helps in website tracking and also leads in e-mail and marketing activity. If a visitor visits our site 2 id’s will be given

  • Adobe analytics ID
  • Adobe marketo ID

Initially both the id will be tracked, and once they fill the form they will be known as a visitor.

Adobe Demandbase Analytics

This technique is based on using inverse Ip which provides information such as name of the company, industry and the location, whenever the visitor visits the site

We have to decide when to use the adobe demandbase analytics to populate the sites and fields which is set and can be connected to lead in the data lake.

Rio SEO and Adobe Analytics

Rio SEO integration follow its own code which is called as FBID. In every URL this id will be appended when you visit the URL of the site.

Lattice Engines and Marketo

In the naked marketing, lattice is one of the important which scores leading in the marketing mechanism. This is the best guide for marketing and sales efforts and techniques.

Salesforce and Marketo

Creation of new record in marketo has two options

  • Salesforce has to be updated in the next synchronisation cycle
  • Salesforce record has to be updated when it has been contacted by the sales.

lessons that has been learnt from the development of Big Data

  • The journey has to be start with business outcome
  • Make as much of friends and integrate with the knowledge
  • The success have to be marked and market.

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