5 important goals for Software testing


As a tester, you need to know many goals about software testing. As a tester you need to do many more things from the part of your task.

Let me explain clearly about it

       1. As a tester you need to find bugs – Software Testing Training in Chennai

                          The main goal of the tester is to find the bugs in an application.Finding a bug is not limited ,you have find many bugs.The bugs should be clearly understood and we have to check with the developer about the error.The bugs will be assigned to the develop and once’s they check they check and fix the error.Its only called as bugs.

  1. As a tester you can also prevent the bugs

                            When you find a bug, it’s better to prevent the bug by our self. When u see a bug, you have to clearly understand the details, you have to understand the developer mind and how the error occur in the product.Most of the time the same errors can occur or because of the application.It’s better to understand the bugs clearly and we can proceed for next process.

                           Once a error is found, check with the possible places whether we can exist the bugs.Report them and take a support of developer. Then we can do the changes in the relevant place.

  1. As a tester you have to deliver quality of the product

                  The tester main role is to make a application more  quality. Testing, It’s a last stage for finding an error in the application. A main goal for a testing is to deliver quality product to a  customer. As a tester you need to know about the failure about an application, Why it happen ? Why some application are more popular.You have understand clearly about the popular applications are more popular.

  1. As a tester you have to communicate  practically

                      Every customer will think that  their product to be delivered without any bugs.As a tester , we have to know how to prevent all the bugs and make there product defect free and how to implement the software without any errors.The tester should communicate with developer to know more about the application and how it works.You have to know how to schedule the testing process  and we have communicate with the developer also to make your product more efficient. With the help of online tutorial you can learn more about  testing.

  1. A tester you should give more suggestions

                       Based on testing experience, you have give more suggestion how to make a product more efficient, the product should be more user friendly and  overall business requirements.

                     First you have know all the requirements about the product, according to that you have test the application. You have to understand why popular application are more popular.Then you have check why other application are  failed.

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